Advisory / Consulting

Our team of professionals can provide you with a full range of Business Advisory/Consulting services that have the ability to optimally enhance the overall performance and operational efficiency of your company. These include:

We can prepare an entire business plan or parts thereof according to a client’s needs. A series of meetings may need to take place in order to fully understand your business idea, after which we then start preparing the business plan. Our objective is not to prepare a plan solely for the purposes of getting funding. Rather, we create a guide that can be followed during the first years of operations.

An innovative idea, expansion plan or any other opportunity may need to be analysed and assessed using forecasting. Banks and potential investors usually ask for the estimated future performance of the business idea or segment. We can assist in the forecast preparation or even prepare the forecast based on your guidelines and market research.

Our services include the preparation of accounting records for an estate as well as consulting on the utilization of assets.

An SME’s Internal Control design is a very important element for success. We can visit your business and assess the current Internal Control system in place after which we will prepare recommendations as well as a detailed action plan, either to improve the existing Internal Control system, or to design new controls to protect your business.

For start-ups and young entrepreneurs, one of the most fundamental aspects of business which they have to take into consideration is the type of structure by which to set up their enterprise, especially in the first few years of operation. This decision is very important and is dependent on the size of the business, sales per year, potential return, corporate profile, etc. We provide critical assistance on setting up the most efficient business structure based on and tailored to a business’ unique characteristics.

Nowadays, important business decisions should only take place after extensive research, planning and consideration of all relevant parameters. It is therefore essential to have by your side an experienced service provider who can assist you in the collation/preparation of information critical to the decision-making process. We play an integral part in this process by improving the speed and quality of financial reporting.

We represent our clients at meetings and provide numerical analysis and guidelines during the process of merger and acquisition. We have the experience to play a key role in the negotiation procedure and assist our clients to achieve their objectives.