Tax Compliance And Planning

With globalization having gained momentum over the last few years, a great number of multinational firms have been exposed to an extensive number of tax rules and regulations in the territories in which they operate.

Cyprus is internationally renowned for being a very attractive business centre and the reason for this is twofold.  One is because of the tax treaties that it has entered into with many foreign jurisdictions and the other because of the country’s favourable tax rates and regulatory requirements for both companies and individuals.

Our tax professionals can provide practical assistance regarding tax planning for the reduction of tax liabilities, creation of tax efficient structures, compliance reviews and submission of returns to the relevant authorities within relevant deadlines.

Other tax related services that we provide include the following:

  • Corporate and personal tax consulting and planning
  • Corporate and personal tax compliance services
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns to the Inland Revenue (IR1, IR4, IR6, IR7 etc.)
  • Tax dispute resolutions
  • VAT services(including registration and deregistration to VAT)
  • Maintenance, preparation and submission of VAT returns
  • Advising on international tax and double tax treaties
  • Capital gains tax
  • Social insurance registration/deregistration
  • Inland revenue registration/deregistration